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Tips for your 30-second interview


Your video should be no longer than 30 seconds and file size should be under 10 megabytes.

Please check the video on your own computer and make sure that the sound and picture are working etc.


1)  We suggest you look at the samples that are already up to get a feeling for what is needed.

2)  Make sure you are presented and dressed well.

3)  Talk clearly and do not rush (an important aspect of this web site is to ascertain your standard of English)

4)  Say positive things about yourself - make notes if necessary.

5)  Key points are that you are reliable, punctual, professional and trustworthy.

6)  Give details about your skills and experience - 30 seconds isn’t long so keep it short.

7)  Smile and be genuine - you want to make a good impression!

8)  Do a couple of takes and send us your best one.

9)  If you are being videoed by us directly make sure you are happy with your video before letting it go online.

10)  Make sure you state your name, age and where you are from

11)  Relax and enjoy!

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